Sushi & sukiyaki dinner

To Start

  • Sushi Master Kamada will prepare and serve 8 pieces of sushi per person from a traditional sushi bar that will be set up in your property. Scallop, salmon, chutoro tuna, maguro tuna, white seasonal fish, mackerel, sweet prawns and egg are included in the service.

*Vegetarian and meat options available below. Please advise order at time of booking.

To Follow

Choose from:

  • Sukiyaki with Hokkaido Tokachi wagyu beef shoulder loin
  • Shabu shabu with Hokkaido Makkari herb pork shoulder loin
  • Tokachi apple beef shoulder loin, chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum, leek, carrot, enoki, tofu, noodles and accompaniments.

Add the Following

  • Premium wagyu beef ¥2000 per 100g
  • High grade wagyu beef ¥1600 per 100g
  • Hokkaido snow crab whole ¥5000
  • King crab leg 4 pieces 800g (M) ¥8500, 1kg (L) ¥10500
  • Hokkaido oysters ¥400 each
  • Additional udon ¥300 per pack
  • Additional tofu ¥300 per pack
  • Cooked white rice ¥350 per person


  • Seasonal fruit platter served with a selection of tea and coffee

Sushi Menu Alternatives

  • Vegetarian sushi menu
    Avocado, capsicum, sauteed eringi mushroom, radish sprouts, cucumber norimaki, egg roll, corn mayo and pickled eggplant
  • Chicken sushi menu
    Teriyaki chicken (2), avocado, capsicum, radish sprouts, cucumber norimaki, egg roll and corn mayo
  • Beef sushi menu
    Seared beef (2), avocado, capsicum, radish sprouts, cucumber norimaki, egg roll and corn mayo

Price Guide

1st July to 20th December
5th January to 1st February
10th February through green season

  • 6 people ¥66400 per group
  • 7 people ¥74200 per group
  • 8 people ¥81600 per group
  • 9 people ¥90000 per group
  • 10 or more people ¥9800 per person

21st December to 4th January (6pm or 8pm seating)
2nd February to 9th February (6pm or 8pm seating)

  • ¥12000 per person.

6 person minimum booking fee.

Prices include 8% consumption tax and exclude 10% service charge

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