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More than a cook book.

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There's often a direct relationship between chef and farmer in Niseko that adds a special significance and quality to the dining experiences on offer here. When long-time local chef Tess Stomski decided to dig a little deeper and learn more about these connections, she uncovered an incredible world of stories surrounding the lives of local farmers and what goes on behind the scenes of Niseko's now-famous food industry.

In this world a young “natural-cultivation” farmer massages and sings to his tomatoes; an older farmer extracts extra flavour and sweetness from his carrots by storing them under the snow in winter; and a rice farmer introduces ducklings to his paddies in spring to organically control insects, before selling them as ducks to high-end restaurants in autumn.

Uncovers an incredible world of local farmers' stories and behind the scenes of Niseko's famous food industry.

Kristian Lund PowderLife Magazine

These stories and many more form the foundation of Tess's four-year labour of love – exquisite new recipe book Harvest Niseko. The book's 100 recipes have been created in collaboration with Chisato Amagai, another local chef and colleague at Tess's catering company Niseko Gourmet.

Potato Gratin in HARVEST Niseko Cook Book

Dishes are easy-to-cook modern Japanese, with some taking inspiration from French, Italian or Asian cuisine but incorporating local ingredients. If you set yourself up with Tess's suggested pantry it's very easy to go out to your local supermarket wherever you live and cook up an authentic Niseko-inspired Japanese meal.

- Kristian Lund, PowderLife Magazine

To purchase a copy contact Tess at tess.stomski@niseko-gourmet.com or +81 80 1978 6825

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